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About Me

Hello there! I am Jess Kaskov and I am an Author, Speaker, and Certified Life Coach! 

My mission is to make a profound impact on the world by helping people find their joy and fulfillment through my writing, speaking, training and coaching.  I specialize in working with women and young adults, but all are welcome here!


I have always believed to my core in the quote, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been in bed with a mosquito”.  I am hopeful I can make a difference as I spread love and joy and share my gifts of compassion, positive energy, and accountability to support people to live a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

Please schedule a complimentary one-on-one coaching session by clicking on the phone icon below and follow my social media accounts for stories and tips on living more joyfully!  

I am available to meet virtually for anyone and in person for those in Tri-Cities Illinois. Life coaching packages are available for 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.  Private Group Coaching and Workshops are available upon request.

You can also use the link below to book a complimentary session:

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One-on-one Coaching Packages

Joyful Living

Are you wondering where your joy has gone? You deserve Joy in your life! 


My Joyful Living life coaching package supports you in the journey from Joyless to JoyFULL.   

Week by week we will add something that brings you joy and eliminate / delegate / reduce / add fun to an item that does not bring you joy so that your inner light can shine brightly with joyfulness and fulfillment.   

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and trying to pour from an empty cup?  Have you lost who you are in the day to day or in parenthood? 


If you are experiencing any of this, you are NOT alone! 


Life is quite the journey and this coaching package supports you in refilling your empty cup and inspires you to remember who you are! 


You are worth taking care of! 

Soul Salary™

In many cultures, success is measured in what job you have, what profession you are in, and in the financial salary you earn. We have become fixated on the value of money instead of the value of soul.


Soul Salary is the value your soul receives when your time and energy are spent in alignment with your passions, your life purpose & mission on Earth, and what feeds your soul.


What is your Soul Salary?  Are you a high earner in Soul Salary or are you barely making minimum wage? 

In this package, we will assess your current Soul Salary and discover how to become a high earner so that your soul feels on fire, joyful, and fulfilled. 



I was fortunate to talk to Jess during a time in my journey where I was looking for support on multiple fronts - self care/health, career, and a birth plan! I can honestly say I wouldn’t feel half as organized or empowered to make decisions in these areas without Jess’s guidance. She came to every session with a professional yet approachable manner and helped keep me accountable throughout the entire process. I can’t recommend Jess enough!

Amelia, Expecting Mom and Toddler Mom


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Joyfulness with Jess, Inc.

902 S. Randall Rd. Ste. C147

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